Our Mission and Vision

The Basketball OCB Academy mission is to provide a complete, in-depth basketball experience emphasizing fundamentals in order to allow young people to reach their full potential. The OCB Academy is a great place to improve one's basketball skills, compete against good players, and live the experience in a beautiful environment. Held every year, the OCB Academy is designed to provide the best possible basketball instruction for players from ages 6 through 18 of all abilities. Emphasis at the OCB Academy is placed upon improving each individual's skills and knowledge of basketball. Each OCB player receives specific instruction on how to play the game and how to improve himself both on and off the court. Skills and techniques will be improved through individual and small group instruction, drills and game experience.

age groups

Ages groups are split up according to ages although some skilled players will be moved to different groups in consultation with the coaches.

Ages 8-5 Dribblers

Ages 10-8 Re bounders

Ages 13-10 Defenders Ages 16-13 Passers
Uniform will be designed for each group and children must wear these uniforms to practice , the cost of uniform 20 JD. Safety and medical regulations are included in the registration form.

academy eventS

Save the date !
- Jan 15th Opening ceremony

- March 15th internal Tournament

- June 10th  international Tournament

- September 15th Skills Challenge, 3 points shooting, free throw

- October 15th 3 on 3 tournament, Parent's evening

- December 15thClosing Ceremony.


Registration Fees

Price of Registration:

Non-member's fees are 70 JD / month.

Member fees are 50 JD /month

Interested? Join us! +962.798704300